Native Garden Colour

It's coming into Spring. I am actually going to miss the cold weather a bit. However I am really excited about the abundance of colour that is about to explode in my own native garden. Native gardens on the Central Coast work exceptionally well. They also produce a colourful, leafy look in your garden, when looked after well.

One of the myths about native gardens on the Central Coast is that they don't possess a lot of colour. In Winter, often the native garden can look more green than colourful, but come Spring time all the beautiful buds of pink, white, red, yellow and even mauves start to bloom.

Another myth about native gardens is that they require no maintenance. Although this type of garden is handy in that it requires low maintenance, for your native garden to look attractive there is some important maintenance required.

It is important to prune your natives when they finish flowering, unless you want the fruit, so that they can regenerate, thick and full for the Spring bloom.

Mulching is the key to success in any garden, but also important for native gardens. Mulching your native garden allows moisture to stay in the soil and nourish your plants from the roots.

And lastly, it's a myth that native gardens don't need to be fed. Although native gardens dont usually like artificial fertilisers, it is a good idea to give your garden a feed with a more organic fertiliser, such as blood and bone, usually in Spring and Autumn.

If you are looking for ideas on native plants that provide colour in your garden, below is a table of native plants that can provide not only colour, but you could even create your own Aussie Cottage Garden.

Plant Name Chart

These are a few photos of the native colour I have had throughout Winter in my own native garden. I am really looking forward to this seasons show.

If you are still looking for ideas for native plants you can take a trip up to the Mt Penang Gardens. These gardens feature a huge display of beautiful natives, not only local to the Central Coast, but also to varying parts of Australia.

At Breeze we love native gardens, if you are looking to plant natives in your garden, we would be happy to help with your selection and what would grow well in your area.

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