About Us


I started Breeze Property Maintenance in 2006 after I had been doing hard landscaping for a few years. 

As much as I loved the creative side of Landscaping I decided that the physical intensity of it was something I probably wasn't going to be able to sustain into my late 50's. So I decided to move into soft landscaping and maintenance.

I have never looked back. I feel great satisfaction from leaving a property I have maintained. And I take pride in my work so my customers enjoy their gardens more.

My wife Aleisha, helps me with the marketing and internet side of the business, which I am glad about as I am better focused on the gardens. I have 3 great kids, Amelia 16, Lincoln 14 and Lydia 11, whom I love spending my weekends with, if I'm not out riding my bike somewhere (a close second love to my family :)).

Phil Hey Breeze Property Maintenance


Hedging  |  Weed Management  |  Pruning  |  Lawn Care



The Team

Breeze Property Maintenance has a dedicated small team of workers.

The boys are focused on attention to detail and trained well to get the job done efficiently in a short period of time. 

Aaron is my 2nd In Charge and is an experienced gardener and landscaper. He is well organised in regards to property maintenance and has a logical approach to getting the job done. Aaron has a keen interest in cars and motor bikes and I am slowly warming him to the idea of bike riding!

Mitch is my new apprentice. Mitch started working for Breeze Property Maintenance as a casual a few days a week and soon realised he had stumbled into a career he loves. Mitch has now enrolled in TAFE to undertake his Certificate 3 in Horticulture. Mitch is really enjoying learning the proper care of gardens and loves working outdoors. 

Mitch is also a car enthusiast and I have not yet seen any flickers of him wanting to take up cycling, but I am sure he will come around!